Exasol gives companies freedom and flexibility and changes the way they can work with data.

Exasol’s powerful database technology for analytics and data warehousing helps organizations turn their data into real value faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than ever before to make better operational and strategic decisions. – Whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid.


Originating from a scientific project to solve high-performance computing challenges, Exasol was founded back in 2000. From day one, database systems and the analysis of data were rethought in a revolutionary way – in-memory technology, an MPP (massively parallel processing) architecture and self-optimization as a turbo for the data warehouse. Exasol uses the random access memory (RAM) of computers and servers instead of hard disks to analyze data. In RAM, computing power is a factor of up to 100,000 faster than the speed on hard disks. Exasol’s highly specific MPP architecture allows several RAMs to be interlinked to form “a kind of supercomputer”.

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Investment Highlights

  • Exasol is a true market disrupter in the dynamically growing multi-billion EUR data analytics market
  • Absolute performance leader in terms of speed, scale, flexibility, and cost of ownership
  • Growing 200+ international customer base including top-tier companies and high level of customer satisfaction based on independent benchmark studies
  • Clear strategic focus on building a stronger organisation with new leadership team, substantial headcount increase in key areas and accelerated product innovation to increase visibility and grow international footprint
  • Solid financial metrics with increasing sales share of subscription based recurring revenue and low churn rates providing high visibility

Framework and Self-conception for our action


Accelerate insights from the world‘s data.


Be the analytics platform trusted by the world‘s most ambitious organizations


Build a stronger organization and enter a new era of sustainable growth

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