Corporate Governance and Compliance


Corporate Governance and Compliance

Code of Conduct

Exasol strives to approach all of its business activities responsibly, ethically and with integrity.
At the heart of good corporate governance are our key corporate principles - maintaining a culture of integrity, transparency and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, resulting in good corporate governance.
Exasol has developed a Code of Conduct for all employees and managers to turn these principles into action. It describes the basic commitments and expectations that should be reflected in our daily work to keep Exasol compliant and successful.


Compliance and Risk Management

Exasol has established a uniform compliance and risk management system (CRMS) for which the Executive Board bears the overall responsibility for maintenance and further development.
Our Compliance and Risk Manager, who reports directly to the Executive Board, coordinates and implements measures within the framework of the CRMS. This role also supports both the Executive Board and the specialist departments in the effective implementation of the management system.


Internal guidelines and principles to strengthen ethical business practices

Exasol has, as part of its CRMS and Integrated Management System, established internal guidelines and policies that all employees have been informed of. These include, among others, anti-corruption and bribery, handling of gifts, benefits and potential conflicts of interest, handling of data, IT security and related topics.
There is also a clearly defined and communicated whistleblowing process that allows employees to report compliance incidents (also) anonymously.

Articles of Association

The articles of association of Exasol AG as of 03 Dec 2020 can be found here:


Multiple measures to ensure compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation

Exasol ensures that employees and the management are informed about the relevant regulations of the Market Abuse Regulation (in particular insider trading, ad hoc publications, director dealings) and that established processes ensure compliance with the aforementioned rules. This is ensured through numerous processes, a central policy on insider trading & ad hoc announcements as well as educational events and instructions. This documentation and lived practice provides our shareholders, analysts and other stakeholders with the assurance that Exasol's shares are traded fairly, and that trading is not influenced by persons with insider knowledge.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Exasol is not only concerned about complying with legal and regulatory requirements, but also about managing its business responsibly with an eye to the future.
Sustainability, social commitment, diversity and inclusion, employee safety and well-being are inextricably part of Exasol's guiding principles and thus also part of Exasol's identity, which is reflected in its corporate governance and compliance.